Premiere: Dena & Eva Geist – Let It Pass

Extra Muros is both an architectural and ontological concept; occupying a specific physical space, and existing outside an insular community. The phrase lends itself fittingly to Flee Project’s residency programmes, which brings artists from disparate locales and contexts together under one roof, documenting their collaboration. The fruits of their Kenyan residency were issued last year on Extra Muros – Kenya, and now they’re sharing their sophomore release Extra Muros – Italy: the result of a fortnight spent working in a 10th century castle in Puglia. 

The compilation spans icy coldwave, nervy acid, and dreamy synthpop. “Let It Pass” is one of the more tranquil moments on here, a conversation between two Berlin-based artists, Dena and Eva Geist. The music is in the mould of 80s indie pop, with tender xylophone melodies and chiming guitar over a ticking rhythm box. Dena’s delivery has an air of resignation, both melancholy and unperturbed as she repeats the song’s hook over an insistent bassline, her voice swaddled by the rising string pads. There’s a gorgeous interiority to the music that shows the level of trust and intimacy the artists displayed to one another over the course of the residency.

Extra Muros – Italy will be released on Extra Muros on 26th May.

Stamp The Wax · Dena & Eva Geist – Let it Pass (STW Premiere)

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