Premiere: Zeitgeist & Tucceri – Without Body

Ziggy Zeitgest and Erica Tucceri, two of the most prolific artists in Australia’s thriving experimental jazz scene, have teamed up for a new project under the name Zeitgeist & Tucceri. Following their work together as part of ZFEX (Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange), upcoming record Jin Mu sees the percussionist and flautist embark on a more introspective and pared back sound.

Released on Melbourne’s La Sape Records, the LP takes its name from the Chinese zodiac: Jin meaning metal; Mu meaning wood, and in terms of instrumentation they remain loyal to these two elements, playing with the contrast between them, and their ability to emulate the natural world.

‘Without Body’ is a particularly meditative moment within an already zen album — Tucceri’s flute soars over rhythmic, almost ritualistic percussion from Zeitgeist. Listen to feel a wave of unshakeable serenity wash over you, and try to forget about the fact you’re back at work.

Jin Mu will be released on 14th May via La Sape Records.

Stamp The Wax · Zeitgeist & Tucceri – Without Body (STW Premiere)

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