Premiere: Hysteric – Chrome Plated Broiler

A connoisseur of 80s tinged cosmic grooves, Melbourne-based DJ, producer and bonafide edits master Hysteric has a knack for procuring and reinvigorating the finest off-kilter disco gems, evidenced on his releases for the likes of Public Possession, Lisbon’s Ostra Discos, Centre Neptune and his own Italo-influenced label Mothball. 

Furthering this galactic love affair, his latest offering, The Kitchen Appliances, sees him pairing up with LA-based edit devotees, Pleasure of Love, for an interstellar trip through the Italo cosmos. The 12″ opens up with our pick, scorching hot new beat sizzler ‘Chrome Plated Broiler’, which takes off with punchy percussion and an electro-funk bass line, that hits with an unrelenting energy before we even have time to strap in. Dreamy synths glide in overhead, soon replaced by chord stabs, a robotic 303 and otherworldly sounds, which push this playful cut further into dance floor territory.

Pleasure of Edits 08: Kitchen Appliances comes out on 30th April, available on vinyl and digital.

Stamp The Wax · Hysteric – Chrome Plated Broiler (STW Premiere)

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