Premiere: Stiletti-Ana – Light Chords

In the early ’80s, UK duo SunPalace blew everyone’s minds with their signature strain of breezy jazz-funk. Loose and languid, their productions are imbued with a woozy quality that makes them perfect for starting or ending your day. Fast-forward some decades later and Helsinki-based Ilari Larjosto AKA Stiletti-Ana channels that same carefree demeanour on his new single, ‘Light Chords’.

Steeped in cosmic synth lines with hints of psychedelia and guitar chords, courtesy of Swedish musician Baba Stiltz, the record flows so fluidly that its near five-minute duration feels too short. As one-half of the electronic duo Jesse, Larjosto is no stranger to dreamy compositions and his solo productions reflect a deep engagement with transcendental sonics.

Off Larjosto’s forthcoming solo release, ‘I’m An Arpeggiator’, via Gothenburg-based imprint Höga Nord Rekords, ‘Light Chords’ almost feels aqueous thanks to its meandering pace and lightweight melody that seems to float across notes. A versatile cut that shows off the Finnish musician’s love for vintage synthesisers, the track not only lives up to its name, it’s ripe for a juiced-up house remix.

I’m An Arpeggiator will be released on Höga Nord Rekords on 30th April on mini-LP and digital.

Stamp The Wax · Stiletti-Ana – Light Chords (STW Premiere)

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