Premiere: Tornado Wallace – Satellite

Australian talent Tornado Wallace has long occupied the grey space between deep house, disco, minimal techno and spacey ambient. Initially starting out with a focus on cosmic grooves, he quickly moved onto more atmospheric textures, as reflected by his 2017 mini-album Lonely Planet. In recent years, he’s paired experimental effects with Balearic-inspired, percussion-heavy rhythms to create cuts that are as much club weapons as they are oddball journeys.

This introspective approach to four-to-the-floor music is tangible on his contribution to Naarm-based collective Butter Sessions‘ 10th anniversary compilation series, which sits amongst tracks from label friends and affiliates, including Roza Terenzi, Furious Frank, Ivy Barkakati and D. Tiffany.

Encompassing snippets of liquid drum and bass, nature-influenced samples and sombre synths, “Satellite” shows off Wallace’s ability to simultaneously heat up dancefloors and create meditative experiences. Founded on a smooth, rolling bassline, the near five-minute track moves at a dynamic pace but its brooding tone prevents it from being a traditional banger. That’s not a bad thing, however — the Melbourne native has always bucked the trend when it comes to dance records and his knack for intelligent variations on classic genres is what makes him your favourite producer’s favourite producer.

10 Years of Butter Sessions will be released in three parts on 16th April 2021. Grab your copies from Butter Sessions’ Bandcamp.

Stamp The Wax · Tornado Wallace – Satellite (STW Premiere)

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