Premiere: Gratien Midonet – Roulo (Kay Suzuki Remix)

Last year, Time Capsule encapsulated the oeuvre of Martiniquan musician-poet Gratien Midonet with the double-disc compilation A Cosmic Poet from Martinique. The interpolation of his creative and politically incendiary poetry into a unique synthesis of folk music influences yielded four albums between 1979 and 1989. The compilation showcases Midonet’s musical and philosophical syncretism that explores Pan-African and Caribbean diasporic culture and history, weaving together densely percussive tracks that extend bélé and beguine rhythms with more outré ideas.

Time Capsule further extends the thematic threads of Midonet’s music with a three-track remix EP, with Kuniyuki and Khidja contributing alongside label head Kay Suzuki. Suzuki’s remix of ‘Roulo’ is a subtle reworking of the original interplay between finger picked guitar and beguiling beguine percussion, punctuated by Midonet’s Martiniquan Creole. Suzuki works in the needlepoint tics and thumps of a drum machine underneath the original acoustic percussion. The mix is dynamic and dubby, sweeping fragments across the stereo field and letting the delay oscillate wildly out before stripping things down—it’s a great transposition of Midonet’s timeless music into a more contemporary dancefloor context.

Gratien Midonet – A Cosmic Poet Revisited (Remix EP) will be released on Time Capsule on 30th April.

Stamp The Wax · Gratien Midonet – Roulo (Kay Suzuki Remix) (STW Premiere)

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