Premiere: Eiger Drums Propaganda – Yoga With Lieutenant Dan

Born out of their LYL radio show of the same name, DJs Orsett and Fischer launch their new imprint Feng Shit Records, as a space to spotlight electronic and experimental music from contemporary artists.

A contrast to the pair’s parent label, Décalé, which solely focuses on reissues (inclusive of their wonderful Swiss compilation which we premiered a track from last year), this new sub-label will give them an opportunity to hone in on new musicians and producers, which they’ve accomplished with their first release, a 14-track compilation titled ‘Castalia Drops’.

Released digitally and on tape, the project draws inspiration from Greek mythology, namely the fountain of Castalia which inspired poetic creation to those who drank from it or listened to its trickling waters. Flowing from ritualistic musings to trance-inducing atmospheres and off kilter electronics, the release sees familiar names like Epsilove, Christian Coiffure and The Pilotwings’ Louis, under his Eiger Drums Propaganda alias, rubbing shoulders with fresh producers like OKO DJ, Dhakira and Explorations Silencieuses.

Castalia Drops is available now on Feng Shit – grab your copy.

Stamp The Wax · Eiger Drums Propaganda – Yoga With Lieutenant Dan (STW Premiere)

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