Monday Morning Mixtape 343

Credit: Wendy

Unshackle with 1980 Brooklyn soul and energising 1983 Libyan disco-pop to rare Hawaiian boogie and deep 1998 UK garage.

This week is curated by record collector and DJ from Southeast London operating under the alias Cort Slippin’. Cort hosts his monthly residency on the third Monday every month (8pm-10pm), on AAJA radio.

In his own words “With all the additional screen time I’ve been having since lockdown, playing records has been a great way to escape the digital world. I like to listen to slightly more introspective music in the morning but I think it’s important to balance the melancholy with tunes that make your insides happy too, which is what I’ve tried to encapsulate in this week’s mix.”

Blue Eyed Soul – You Ain’t No Weight
Velly Joonas – Käes On Aeg
Heidy Tamme – Suvi Ei Jaa
Masterminds Featuring Lady Bianca – Stop Telling Me Lies
Ahmed Fakroun – Ya Farhi Beek
Jean Adebambo – Believe In Love
Raymond Simpson – Turn Your Love Around
Lemuria – Hunk of Heaven
Sharon and Musarrat – Diwana Hai Ye Dil
Mihail P – Neon Hologarden
Oceanic – Drums (Instrumental)
D Base – Dreaming
Nemo Vachez – Lila’s Secret Diary
Percy & Them – Shake It (Part 1)

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