(Extended Mix): KC The Funkaholic

A four hour mix of sensually stimulating music from a veteran digger — Dutch DJ, label head and promoter KC The Funkaholic. One of the minds behind Super-Sonic Jazz, a celebrated event series at Amsterdam’s Paradiso turned label, KC (real name Kees Heus) has played an integral role in building a platform for the younger generation of Dutch jazz, funk and soul artists to grow and develop. With community at its core, the next step for the Super-Sonic Jazz camp involves opening a space for these artists to freely build on their craftsmanship and work in collaboration.

(Extended Mix) is a new charitable series that celebrates all-night specialists and more simple, carbon-friendly lineups. Instead of paying on the door for this extended experience, we invite listeners to donate to the DJ directly while their gigs are cancelled, or to a chosen charity. For this one KC has chosen to highlight Super-Sonic Jazz’s crowd-funded initiative to make their newly-acquired community space into a functional and working studio.

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First off, how have you been finding lockdown? What has been the biggest challenge and more positive outcome you’ve experienced through extended time at home? 

I have been looking out and taking care of loved ones. Family bond is tighter. It brings people together, even with social distancing. 

Thanks for recording an extended mix for us. How did you find the recording process?

I’m an old fool from the old school, long sets are a part of my nature, having control over the whole night. I love to open club nights, I like to create a vibe: call me moody mood maker. 

I wanted to try to make something sensually stimulating. Making love is also a great way to get through the darkest hours of lockdown. An all nighter at home without 1 1/2 meter restrictions and a curfew. The challenge of this mix was to keep the tempo slow and sexy and the vibe mellow, but keep it interesting with a little bit of dancing here and there. 

It’s a playful flow full of floaters from London’s 2-step and street soul scene, merged with a bit of gospel and modern day soul, funk and hiphop, and I dropped a few uptempo tracks at the end. From the old to the new; blending it into one chunky but laid-back phatmosphere (you can probably guess my age now). 

How did you approach the mix? Did you have an idea in mind beforehandWas there much pre-planning or did you just trust your instincts?

I prepared the mix in a few days. It was a little puzzle, trying to find the right tracks for the right moment, but in the recording it became spontaneous, as it always is for me. I made the mix in one take, with some mistakes. Life ain’t perfect. 

Could you talk us through a couple standouts from set?

For the start of the mix I get straight to the point, no whale or nature sounds, no atmospheric nothingness. The mix kicks of with Kay Young with some real talk. Pure music, expressing her feelings and her take on the universal struggle of just getting by. Thanks Kay for the beautiful healing lyrics, “Learn backwards, live forwards”!

The third song is for Kay, an uplifting gospel by Evelyn Graves Drama Association Mass Choir – ‘Keep Looking To Him’. A little obscure private press from Philly. Then there is Prince – ‘If I Love U 2Nite’. This release was only on a Mica Paris promo. They pressed the promo with the original demo version on the All Mighty Records. When Prince found out it was quickly pulled back and destroyed. A few copies survived.

Another standout is 80ties Ladies – ‘Turned On To You’. I haven’t played that track in 20 years but it just popped into my head when I was making the mix and I needed to add it somewhere. When I dropped it I just freaked. This record is absolutely unique. It’s brilliant in production, instrumentation, composition, originality. There is nothing like it. 

Hearing Kaidi’s ‘Low Ceilings’ I got emotional. I miss clubs so much. I miss the low ceilings, sweat boxes, sub low frequencies, the hand claps. I thought when Covid started it was a sign to quit, but the longing to get back to it is unbearable. I’ve been doing this for close to 40 years, it’s all I know.

Where’s been your favourite place to play an all-night set, and why?

The best club I ever played a really long set was at Club Air in Tokyo. It had the best sound system, amazing dancers, great atmosphere and the best DJ booth I ever played on. It had to close its doors a few years ago unfortunately but what an amazing club that was. 

Who are some of your favourite all-night specialists, and why?

I really don’t have them. I have lots of favourite diggers I always check. Manu and Pablo from Superfly, Antoine Rajon, John Gomez, good old Gilles, Rush Hour, Bandcamp, Alexander Nut, Mendel, Zaf (I Love Vinyl), Kirk Degorgio, IG Selectors Essemble, Banji, Pablo Blanquito (my man), the amazing new blog worth checking, Step into Tomorrow by Lucas Benjamin etc etc.

By celebrating DJs with a penchant for all-night sets, the (Extended Mix) series hopes to encourage a more stripped back, carbon-friendly approach to lineup curation. Reducing our footprint as a globalised underground community is a massive challenge as we try to rebuild the scene after Covid-19 lockdown, and we hope progression can be forged through sharing our challenges and experiences. Are there any thoughts you’d like to add to the discussion?

I fear that without strict worldwide regulations nothing will change. EasyJet will have to compete with heavily funded companies like KLM. As soon as people will be able to fly for ridiculously low prices, they will. So it’s up to us. As a DJ you can make rules for yourself around this and accept that certain choices will have financial consequences. Realize that offsetting carbon emissions is not the way – less flying is. Start with train, bus, automobile gigs only? But don’t be a total saint. Settle on one flight a year. Choose wisely and squeeze everything out of that one trip.

As a visitor, question the impact of the events you attend. Coming out of Corona, festival companies will be scrambling to get out of debt and the competition will be fierce. Sustainability costs money and I fear that organizations will economize on their (and your) emissions. Is it really necessary for you to see dozens of international acts when there are so many heroes locally who can give you the sweet love you are out to get? Is that festival in nature really about you being in touch with the wild, or is it about having a nice backdrop while you get wasted with your friends? Isn’t it more fun to literally get lost in the woods.

I hope that after COVID we keep on pushing for 10.000 steps a day. That we keep on walking, tree hugging, enjoying our parks and nature sites for some peace and serenity. From now on, the only music I want to hear in the woods is the sound of the wind whistling through the trees, the only beat I want to hear is the pulsating rhythm of a woodpecker. The ideal music on beaches is the sound of breaking waves and children playing in the faaaar distance.

Another thought – something else we really need to eliminate along with the carbon emissions is guest lists. If you can support the scene you are a part of, then you should. The bottom line is we have to start investing in local talent, our local DJs, clubs, promoters, events. We have to find a way to support and inspire each other and the crowd to make better choices. 

There are some things happening that give me hope though — knowing I’m not alone in thinking about all this. There’s a new generation of artists who are aware of their impact. They understand the power of solidarity over competition. And they’re not all alpha dudes.

With this long ass lockdown situation, people have had time to reassess their values and make some dope changes. The booking agency IN UNISON for example. Chiara decided to restructure the agency into a non-profit cooperative so any profit made from agency fees gets fed back into the community and the roster shares knowledge and supports each other. Respect!

Tell us a bit more about your chosen charity – what work do they do and why is it so important to you?

I am part of the non-profit organization SuperSonic Jazz. We support young Dutch talent develop and progress. During Corona this is completely on hold. Our big dream is to have a space like Total Refreshment Centre, where talent can freely develop their craftsmanship without dealing with daily pressures like paying the rent. Gentrification in Amsterdam is also a big issue, but we recently found a spot. It needs sound isolation, and we’d love your help to finance getting that sorted. You can donate here. THANKS!

Kay Young – Going Through
Bless the Madd – Show Me The Way feat. Edson Sean
Evelyn Graves Drama Association Mass Choir – Keep Looking To Him
Ta Ku – I have a dream
MMYYKK – Better (For the Love)
JAEL – Believe In Yourself
Rob Milton – Healer (Featuring Nicholas Ryan Gant)
Kendrick Lemar talks the importance of love
Derrick Hodge feat. Common – Live Today
Yazmin Lacey & Congi- Follow Me
Monte Booker-momma told me
Staycozygroup – MY LOVA (KaeB Flip)
Potatohead people – Luxury
Zilo – Please don’t waist my time
Children of Zeus – Still Standing
M.B.K – Klashnekoff
Potatohead people – Carry on
Carmelle – Grow
Loose Ends – Feels
Jose James -Win your love
Jenevieve – Medallion
Greybox – Cure (Greybox Edit)
Natalie Slade – Humidity
Rick A. Webb & Raw Band – Til The End
Leroy Hudson – When you smile
Bootsy Collins – Can’t Stay Away
Dreamcast – Do You Wanna Go prod. Artiestrongman
Kendrick Lemar talks the importance of love
Prince – If I Love U 2Nite
Prince – Breakfast can wait
Sherman’s Showcase – Sing Me A Lullabye
Prince – I wonder U
Mtume – Tie me up
Zo! feat. Sy Smith – Crash
Patrice Rushen – To Each His Own
Jeff Phelps – Hear My Heart
Erika de Casier – Good Time
Kojey Radical – Cashmere Tears
Stimulator Jones – Water Slide
The DMX Affair – One Time To Make It Right
The Twilite Tone – Baby Steps
Face – Angel
Visioneers – Replay (Terry Tester Instr)
2000 Black Simple Sacrifice
Seba Kaapstad – Playground
Walt Barr – Free Spirit
Lenny White – Sweet Dreamer
Eighties Ladies – Turn on to you
Michael Henderson
Snakeships/Willie Hale – Groove on
Georgie Sweet – What I have done
Raveena – Sweet Time
Lianne La Havas – Read My Mind
Shafiq HusaynBetween – Us 2 feat. Bilal
Bless the Madd Ancestors (Part One)
MAdLib – Road Of The Lonely Ones
Med, Blu & Madlib – Burgundy Whip (feat. Jimetta Rose)
Common feat. Black Thought, PJ – Say Peace
Kikagaku Mojo – Orange Peel
The Ethics – Lost in A Lonely World
Dwight Trible Life Force Trio – Music
Joe Armon-Jones feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Yellow Dandelion
Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, 9th Wonder, Kamasi Washington – First Responders
Shafiq Husayn – Optimystical feat. Robert Glasper
Daniel Crawford – Dorothy Parker
Hiatus Kaiyote – The Lung (Paul White Unofficial Remix)
Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham – Low Ceilings
DJ Nature – Billy C
Bobby Broom – Find Yourself
Luther Vandross – The Sweetest one
Henry Wu – The Anthem [WU15]
BBQ Band – Time for love
Blue black purple – Ethiopian girl

We now premiere all our mixes a week early on Mixcloud Select. Subscribe to our channel to listen first, download the mixes, and ensure that the artists included in each one gets paid.

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