Premiere: Guedra Guedra – Archetype

The music of Casablanca’s Guedra Guedra may be rooted in tradition but he has both eyes (and ears) firmly fixed on the future. Marrying the cadence and mystery of ancient rhythms with high energy bass lines and contemporary techniques, he crafts dynamic, polyrhythmic productions that both enchant and will your body to move.

It’s this theme that has inspired Guedra Guedra’s new album Vexillology for On The Corner Records. A follow up to his debut release Son of Sun last year, the LP dives deep into the traditional musicality of the body, realised through cultural practices and underground electronics. Our pick ‘Archetype’ is reflective of just that, and represents an ode to the importance of dancing as cultural expression throughout Africa.

Vexillology will be released soon on On The Corner Records.

Stamp The Wax · Guedra Guedra – Archetype (STW Premiere)

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