Premiere: Ben Hauke – Get Fit

The last year was difficult in a number of ways and despite the mother of all hangover’s looming, we’re pleased to see the back of it. One challenge that will have been felt by many in that time, was having to renegotiate our relationships with dancing. Where in a period for most, there was serious lack of communal floor space to do this.

In his latest release One Year Dance, South London producer Ben Hauke channels his own feelings towards some of the unfortunate repercussions, sidelining his jazzier and mellifluous productions of late, for an EP where energy is the primary intention.

You may think home work-outs and runs when listening to ‘Get Fit’ but this acid house roller is more a head nod to nights of distant past, in crowded clubs and dark spaces, where you could disengage the brain and let the body move of it’s own accord, as you lose yourself in sonic insurgency.

One Year Dance is released Friday 15th, via Woop Records grab your copy of the vinyl here.

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