Premiere: Anatolian Weapons – Let’s Talk

If there’s one producer with a seemingly endless arsenal of tunes, it’s Athenian Aggelos Baltas. Under his Anatolian Weapons moniker, he’s been incredibly busy over the last few years, notching up EPs for Lurid Music, Emotional Response and Marguerite, and long players for Beats In Space, Sounds Of Ogigia and Sameheads.

But his work doesn’t stop there. As well as operating under several other aliases including Fantastikoi Hxoi, Faint Object and Dream Weapons, Aggelos is a dab hand on the remix providing reworks of Lena Platonos, DJ SoFa, Errortica, ID_UA and many more.

His next release, Mantili, comes via German label Kame House; a three-tracker that celebrates the old and the new, matching elements of traditional Greek music with strains of kraut, trance and electronica. Our pick, closing track ‘Let’s Talk’, is a departure from the hypnotic, churning rhythms we’ve come to associate him with, instead his knack for composition and sound design shines brightly on this nine-minute opus of elegant, twinkling trip-hop.

Mantili will be released on 22nd January via Kame House.

Stamp The Wax · Anatolian Weapons – Let’s Talk (STW Premiere)

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