Video Premiere: Nuri – Abyedh

Nuri is an electronic producer and percussionist hailing form Tunisia who has been a firm favourite of ours since he dropped his phenomenal first project DRUP, back in 2017. When we heard he was ready to share his latest album, we were obviously full of anticipation and IRUN does not disappoint. A proclaimed sequel to DRUP, Nuri combines archival field recordings from diverse African folkloric traditions with electronic beats and Tunisian dialect. Creating longer tracks that “allow the polyrhythmic grooves to expand and morph, echoing the techniques of trance music from North Africa.”

We are thrilled to be premiering this stunning music video for the fourth track on the album, Abyedh, which means ‘white’ in Tunisian. Directed by Houssem Guebsi, a dizzying stop motion of black and white photos bringing performer Mabrouka Fall’s captivating movement to life.

Abyedh heavily combines meditative percussion and North African folkloric sounds with an almost Massive Attack sounding ending. All in all another divine production from a very special artist.

Find the full album for purchase digitally or on vinyl here. Follow Nuri on Facebook.

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