Premiere: Viola Renea – Maya Candra

We can always count on NZ label Strangelove to dish up the goods when it comes to forgotten gems. Following the release of Kiwi Animals, a collection of 80s New Zealand oddities, they present the first ever reissue of Syguira Lady from Osaka group Viola Renea.

Originally released in 1985 (and fetching hefty sums on Discogs), the 8-track LP is described by band leader Kuki Imamura as the sound of unknown memories;- aural visions and strange musical loves coalescing around a femme fatale called ‘Syguiria Lady’.

Sonically the LP blends inspiration from ancient and modern sources, crafting a collection of oddball tracks that match folk rhythms and art rock sensibilities with wavey-electronic instrumentation and seductive pop noir themes.

Syguiria Lady is out today via Strangelove.

Stamp The Wax · Viola Renea – Maya Candra (STW Premiere)

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