Monday Morning Mixtape 313

Credit: 夏天

Sway from German ambient and Aussie balearica to Dutch dub and US pseudo-country.

This week is curated by London based DJ and promoter Ally Tropical, who also takes up the editor title at Ransom Note and recently launched new label Plant Life Records.

In his own words ” Recorded on a hot, hazy afternoon in London. My flat backs out onto the canal and this was pieced together during a hangover. I think that probably adds to the context behind the mix. It’s a collection of left-leaning electronics, dub and various skits designed to reflect the wild shouts and intermittent chatter of those passing on board canal boats, enjoying the sun. It’s a little rough and ready in places but I think that probably reflects the wider world, a dusty sun-beaten London in the midst of a summer pandemic.”

Duval Timothy – TDAGB
Dj Batman – Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – Speaks (Skit)
Florian T M Zeisig – Straining To Hear
Long Body – Mouth Feel
The First Minute of a New Day – Dec 15th 
Paradise 3001 – Low Sun In Dub
Glok – Exit Through the Skylight (Jay Glass Dubs Reboot)
Raymond Richards – Fossil, Oregon
Superpitcher – Solaris
Bembé Segué – Sun On My Back

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