Premiere: Ruf Dug – Theme From Ruffy’s Lab

Ruffy’s Lab holds a special place in our heart. For several summers it’s been our home at Gottwood Festival; the location of many all night b2b2b2bs, meditative sessions and wine tasting afternoons with Move D. It’s only fitting then that the man helming the stage, Mancunian maverick and NTS host Ruf Dug, has chosen to name his track after this magical space for the festival’s 30-track compilation, released via their label arm Gottwaxx.

Marking the first release in four years, they’ve brought together artists with close connections to the festival, from old allies like Margaret Dygas, Roman Flügel and DJ Tennis, to new friends such as Adam Curtain, Em & Stav, Anna Wall and Bobby who together showcase the sounds at the core of the Welsh weekender. Beginning Gottwax’s official relaunch, now captained by Me Me Me boss Man Power, the compilation will soon be followed by a series of solo EPs that will shine further light on the artists making up part of Gottwood’s close family.

Notwaxx is out now – grab your copy on Bandcamp.

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