Monday Morning Mixtape 311

Credit: Marina Blake

Rest in 2019 psychedelic folk and laid back soul to 1972 Turkish singer song-writer and 2020 biophilic soundscape.

This week is curated by Brainchild Festival’s Creative Director, Marina Blake. Also a governor at Thomas Thalis School and former assistant of Shabaka Hutching and Moses Boyd, Marina’s resume and contribution to the arts and culture is extensive.

In her own words “Like pretty much everyone else, my moods have been so up and down during 2020, and music has been one of the only parts of my life to be a constant source of strength, joy & fascination. There were so many discoveries and moods I wanted to include but I’m glad I could share these ones with you. This ride will take you from the ambient magic of LA’s Green-House to the kicks and whistles of strongboi down to the unshakable bass of India Jordan & beyond.”

Green-House – Chysis
Vanishing Twin – You Are Not an Island
Photay – Outré Lux (ft Madison McFerrin)
30/70 – Flowers
Strongboi – strongboi
E Ruscha V – Who Are You
Özdemir Erdogan – Gurbet
Wall Matthews – Roping 1
Bobby Hutcherson – NTU
Hodge – The World is New Again
India Jordan – Bulbasaur Shuffle
Olive – You’re Not Alone

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