Silent Jay releases seven Craig David edits in aid of the Philippines Crisis

Melbourne-based producer Silent Jay has released 7 raw edits of Craig David tracks to raise money for families affected by the Philippines crisis. Available to purchase for just 7 days, today being the last day, the release includes reworks of stone cold classics like ‘Rewind’, ‘Fill Me In’ and, of course, ‘7 Days’.

The Rhythm Section affiliate released the edits in a response to the Philippines broad Anti-Terrorism law which will classify protestors, online activists and communists as terrorists. This will allow them to carry out warantless arrests of suspected “terrorists” through the police and military, with penalties including murder, 12 years to life in jail and online/offline surveillance.

Furthermore on the 1st of April of this year, citizens of Quezon city were promised food distribution by the government which wasn’t delivered, which prompted protests demanding food aid, but protestors were met with violence and arrests by the police.

All proceeds from the release will be donated to Agapay Balangay, who help to provide food packs to families affected by the crisis.

777 is available until 10th July – buy on Bandcamp.

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