“Work Really Fucking Hard”: How Third Son made and released an album in 20 day lockdown

Debut albums are sacred concepts for any artist. The most personal statement possible about you and your work in musical form; something that takes time to perfect. There will only ever be one debut album, so it’s got to be done right. Nothing left to chance and certainly not rushed. Not for Third Son.

The London producer, whose has previously released on Matthew Herbet’s Accidental imprint and Dusky’s 17 Steps, approached his most significant work to date as a challenge: could he make and released it in 20 days during Coronavirus lockdown? Chronicling the whole thing on social media and going to press at the beginning of the process, there was no going back once it had begun. Everything had been left to chance and time was most certainly of the essence.

This documentary tells the story of that process, combining videos posted online during recording and a subsequent interview at his home studio where 20 Days was recorded in May. Shot and directed by Joseph’s manager, social distancing was practised throughout its making.

Third Son – 20 Days is out now on his own Polymath imprint – buy from Bandcamp.


Director & Producer: Lawrence Jones
Executive Producers: Aaron Levitt and Rosie Cain
Editing, Sound & Grading: First Light Media
Photography: Sandra Seaton

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