Premiere: Woo – Arc I


Newly-founded Italian label Quindi Records have set out a simple ethos for their discography; one built around universality, meaning and purpose. Dubbed as music for lovers, loners, friends and family alike, the label enlist the sibling duo of Woo to lay the foundations for their concept. Initially producing music in the 70s from their house in Wimbledon, Clive and Mark Ives never set out with the intention to release their recordings or share them with anyone, lending their music a quality that defies categorisation.

In recent years their music has been unearthed or reissued, either by Mark and Clive themselves or via labels like Emotional Response, Drag City and Palto Flats, showcasing their healing blend of synthesized sounds and twinkling harmonies. Quindi Records have dug up a previously unreleased suite of music titled Arcturian Corridor; a name that the duo explain as “a channel of light that brings unconditional love and wisdom for Arcturus (the fourth brightest star in the night sky) to Earth.” A canvas of shimmering synth lines and meticulous drum patterns, Woo’s spiritual new age creations are the perfect remedy to cleanse and sooth the soul.

Arcturian Corridor is out now – Buy it on Digital and Vinyl.

Stamp The Wax · Woo – Arc I (STW Premiere)

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