Premiere: Azu Tiwaline – Izen Zaren

Tunisian producer Azu Tiwaline uses music as a medium to explore her origins in the rooted in the North African country and the Saharan deserts that extend through it.

Conceived in two parts, her debut album Draw Me A Silence on I.O.T Records takes us on a spirited journey, each track bringing with it a melange of different influences and moods that, together, create something completely unique.

Following the release of part 1 in March, the second is a continuation of Azu’s sonic examination of her identity, which connects the dots between traditional Berber music, dub culture and hypnotic techno. From the meditative, organic rhythms of ‘Omok’ to the harmonic leads, shuffling percussion and reverberating low-ends that shine on our pick, ‘Izen Zaren’, Azu delivers an intriguing and enchanting debut that leaves us eager to hear what lies ahead.

Draw Me A Silence Part. II is out on 29th May via I.O.T Records.

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