Premiere: Takashi Kokubo – Quiet Inlet

Danish label Music For Dreams have got a penchant for finding beautiful music. Over the last 20 years label boss Kenneth Bager has built an extensive back catalogue that pulls from the soothing and meditative corners of the musical world, sometimes enlisting the help of music connoisseurs to share their finds with listeners.

Their Collector Series are one of the best examples of this, with previous contributions coming in the form of cosmic children’s songs from Belgium’s DJ SoFa and tropical drum bliss from Jan Schulte. For their fifth instalment they look to Japan with the help of Ken Hidaka, Max Essa and Dr. Rob., who have compiled 14 tracks that chart the evolution of calming music across the last three decades.

Oto No Wa brings together pioneering ambient artists and contemporaries including Susuma Yokota, Kentaro Takizaw, Yoshiaki Ochi and our pick from Takashi Kokubo, who creates a beautiful sound bed of trickling waters and lapping waves that sits below bright, twinkling keys.

Oto No Wa (Selected Sounds of Japan 1988-2018) is out now – grab your copy.


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