Premiere: Katerina – Bird People

After almost nine years of music and dancing, Rhythm Section’s influence has stretched far, far beyond their roots of Peckham. Having helped to put South London on the map with their regular dances (a simple yet winning formula that saw Bradley Zero and another DJ go head to head), they moved into the label world five years ago, continuing the ethos and mission that Bradley’s regular NTS show followed; unearthing and nurturing new talent, as well as those already established as part of the longstanding RS fam.

As a nod to the online radio culture that birthed the label and the international spread of their label family, they celebrate their fifth anniversary with a 36 track compilation called SHOUTS, which brings together the artists who represent the past, present and future of the label, including many who have played a pivotal role in their journey over the last nine years. Amongst tracks from previous label mates like Duke Hugh, Mallard, Contours and Prequel and artists who’ve played their parties including Session Victim, Paula Tape, Sleep D and Tolouse Low Trax, several newcomers add their flavour to the RS catalogue and give us a glimpse of the label’s future vision.

Our pick ‘Bird People’ from Cómeme family member Katerina represents part of that future sound. The Finish producer and DJ, who now resides in Bulgaria, crafts a melancholic-tinged rhythm laced with intricate percussion that seems to carry momentum whilst also chugging along on a soft pulsating bass line.

SHOUTS is out on Rhythm Section on 3rd April – Grab your copy.

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