Praise You: A Prince Tribute Mix By DJ Bone

Prince is an artist who left behind more of a legacy than most. A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, dancer, actor and film maker, his influence has permeated every aspect of the musical world.

Rather than adhering to genres or stereotypes, he stood for originality and innovation, blending and combining sounds like funk, pop, new wave and soul, and ultimately, pushing forward the message that being different is OK.

One lifelong fan of the musical polymath is Detroit’s very own DJ Bone. For him Prince represents independence, an ability to push boundaries and cross barriers with complete freedom. As well as having an impact on his DJ sets, Prince’s innate soulful quality and steadfast work ethic has played into how he approaches production too.

In this mix he pays tribute to Prince’s genius and influence; an artist who truly shaped his musical journey…

The first edition of DJ Bone & Friends with Laurent Garnier takes place on 20th March at Radion.

Why does Prince and his music mean so much to you?

To me Prince represents the pinnacle, the absolute blueprint of what it means to be a complete artist. Singer, songwriter, producer, actor, performer, you name it! He taught himself how to play several instruments as well.

What makes a Prince record so unique?

I think it’s the vibe that goes into the song while he’s recording it. It translates over and over again every time you listen to it. The listener then has the opportunity to relate with the song. Take the right songs, place them in the right order and they can comprise a masterpiece of an album. He has this gift.

When did you first hear his music and what impact did it have on you?

I first heard Prince when my Uncle snuck me and my cousin a listen. Our parents thought we were a bit too young (we probably were though, I was 10 years old) to listen to his Dirty Mind album due to its content. But our Uncle let us use the headphones and listen. It blew my mind! Everything that I heard was different in the best way possible. Raw, honest and funky. It showed me how necessary expression was for music.

What’s your most sacred Prince record and why?

My most sacred Prince records are the long version of God (Instrumental) on purple vinyl and the two picture discs I have with interviews from Prince.

Any standout memories from dropping a Prince track in a set? 

Yes, in 2002 I played the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and mixed in ‘Joy In Repetition’. I saw jaws drop, especially since Detroit is full of Prince fans. Another time was playing ‘All The Critics Love You’ in NY during my residency at Motor Detroit. Other than that it’s always well received when I drop a special version of ‘Sexy Dancer’.

How has his work or approach to music impacted you as a producer?

It’s had a big impact on how I record as well as how I implement life events into my songs. He shows that it’s not all about the technical aspect of making music, you need to have soul and vibe. I also learned the work ethic of recording as much quality music as possible and not just when you need a release.

How did you approach this mix? 

I was very excited to do this one. I didn’t really plan it out in detail ahead of time because I wanted it as organic as possible. I worked hard at selecting the pool of tracks to have on hand for the mix. I wanted some classics, some live versions and some obscure ones. I also wanted it to be a mix that you could play and people will dance throughout the entirety of it.

What did you want it to say about Prince and his music?

I wanted it to be a symbol of his genius, his influence, his work ethic. I want people to feel this mix and have to go back and listen again because maybe something stood out differently due to it being a continuous mix. That his music is timeless and Prince was as independent as they come.

What would you say is Prince’s biggest legacy on electronic music?

I’d have to say probably the mindset of being free, being independent and as creative as possible.

Interview with The Electrifyin’ Mojo
Interlude (Live at Masonic Hall, Detroit)
Controversy (Live at Masonic Hall, Detroit)
Lady Cab Driver / I Wanna Be Your Lover / Head / Little Red Corvette (Tour Demo)
Little Red Corvette (Extended aka Mayday)
Sexy Dancer (Extended)
17 Days (Extended Piano Version)
Dirty Mind
Computer Blue (Extended)
Sex Shooter (Prince Vocal)
A Love Bizarre feat Sheila E. (Extended)
Let’s Work (Extended Mix)
La, La, La, He, He, Hee
Joy In Repetition
Raspberry Beret (Extended)
Purple Music
Interview with The Electrifyin’ Mojo

The first edition of DJ Bone & Friends with Laurent Garnier takes place on 20th March at Radion.

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