Premiere: The Colours That Rise – Deep Space

Fresh off the back of celebrating five years in the game, Peckham mainstay Rhythm Section are setting off on a course into the cosmos with the debut album from The Colours That Rise.

We were first introduced to the duo – made up of producers Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams – via their 2020 EP on Breaker Breaker in 2017, the title coincidentally marking the year they would follow up that breakthrough release. Their new album Grey Doubt, is conceived as an audio documentary that focuses on a secret history, or a conspiracy theory, that black people live on Mars. Furthermore it touches on themes of half-truth and post-truth in the modern world realised through their broken tape machine and resulting in a batch of electronic jams, synth-laden funk and hip hop.

Our pick ‘Deep Space’, which marks the first single taken off the album, is a machine funk cut that plunges you into the depths of space. Dub-wise atmospheres are laced with synth lines and shuffling broken beats, while mission control vocal snippets permeate the aether.

Grey Doubt will be released via Rhythm Section International on May 1st – grab your copy. Watch the teaser introduction the album.

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