Premiere: Lily Haz – Negira

As both a DJ and producer, the connection between Lily Haz’s musical exploits is clear as day. Her DJ sets lace together seemingly disparate sounds like new wave, low slung hip and tripped-out dance floor rhythms; influences which can all be heard within her own productions, stirred together and churned into something completely new.

From her main base of Tel Aviv, Lily hosts a regular radio show on the city’s most reputable station Teder FM, and makes up part of the Tofistock crew alongside fellow producers like Olsvanger. Her next EP Ranger Misled is set for release on Tofistock’s label arm, and follows her previous track contributions to their VA releases, as well as her EPs for both Night Noise and Tom Tom Disco.

Originally made as a beat tape of lofi experimental beats, the EP slowly turned into a melting pot of her aforementioned influences in hip hop and dance music. These really shine on today’s premiere ‘Negira’ – an atmospheric, downtempo trip laced with dubby vocals, echoing percussion and hollow drum patterns.

Ranger Misled is out now via Tofistock’s Bandcamp.

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