Premiere: Man Jumping – Walk On, Bye (Khidja Remix)

You could say fate brought British ensemble Man Jumping and Romanian duo Khidja together for this remix package on Emotional Rescue. Label boss Chuggy was turned on to the band by the pair a few years ago who were totally enamoured with their music and urged him to track them down. Coincidentally a year or so later, the band reached out to Chuggy themselves after starting work with Beggars Banquet Records on the reissue campaign around their 1985 release Jump Cuts.

First released on Bill Nelson’s Cocteau Records, the LP brings together elements of jazz, pop, new wave and avant-garde to produce something entirely fresh that still stands the test of time. As well as the reissue of the original album, which was remastered by the band themselves, the release is backed up by two remix packages from Bullion, Reckonwrong and, of course, Khidja.

Putting their own spin on two of the album tracks, including our pick ‘Walk On, Bye’, Khidja exercise subtlety and exhibit their love of the band’s virtuoso playing by adding small touches and stretching out the beautiful repetitions of clarinet, sax and trumpet that meander throughout the nine-minute masterpiece.

Jumpcuts 1 is out now – grab your copy from Emotional Rescue.

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