Premiere: Bufiman – Hoolock Rock

After 11 years at his day job Düsseldorf producer Bufiman – real name Jan Schulte – decided to up sticks and travel around the globe before turning his attention to music full time. After returning from his trip inspired, he had the time, freedom and studio set up to create; it was as if a “switch had been flipped” he said. His debut album Albumsi – set for release on Dekmantel – is the result of working in this new unrestricted and unpressurised environment, a space that gave him the tools to produce perhaps his most refined work to date.

The Salon Des Amateurs resident has regularly proved his dexterity at working with percussion and drums under both his Bufiman and Wolf Müller guises, as well as his natural ear for selecting rhythmic compositions on his Tropical Drums Of Deutschland compilation for Music For Dreams. Albumsi is no different. Marking his first full length release under his Bufiman moniker, the 10 tracks ebb and flow, fusing live instrumentation and electronics and a vibrant mix of different sounds and motifs. Today’s premiere “Hoolock Rock” is a bright rhythmic trip through chiming synths and twinkling melodies that mix with aquatic bass lines slowly emerging from the depths.

Albumsi is out now – grab your copy via Dekmantel’s shop.

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