Premiere: LNS – Pizzica Tarantata n.014 Rework

Flee Project’s manifesto seeks to uncover the stories and socio-economical context of hybrid cultures, communicated through vinyl releases, books and exhibitions. The platform, run by Alan Marzo, Olivier Duport and Carl Åhnebrink, have turned their attentions to Southern Italy to tell the story of a centuries-old choreo-musical ritual, which uses manic dance and frenetic rhythms to exorcise women of an evil caused by a spider bite.

Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual comprises of a double LP compilation and a hardcover Italian/English book that documents this mysterious trance phenomenon. Enlisting the skills of several artists, including Bjorn Torske, Uffe and LNS, Flee have provided them with the basis to create their own interpretations of original field recordings from musicians-exorcists that were captured in Puglia in the 1950s. Canadian DJ and producer LNS, known for her collaborations with DJ Sotofett and her expert skills behind the decks, uses melodic threads, deep warm bass and vocal chants, all underpinned by frantic polyrhythms.

Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual will be out on 27th November – pre-order your copy.

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