Pioneer DJ assesses social media’s impact on dance music in new ‘Insta DJ’ documentary

Carl Cox in Insta DJ

Carl Cox, Annie Mac and the UK Government Mental Health Tsar among the contributors.

Social media has become an inescapable part of dance music. As a tool for discovering and archiving it’s intrinsic to the way artists communicate with their fans and in the way music-lovers share their own experiences. While much of this content is fuelled by euphoria,  happiness and pride, what are the byproducts of such a dependency?

Pioneer DJ poses this question in their new documentary, Insta DJ, the latest in a series that delves beneath the skin of the music industry. With the help of a range of managers, journalists, DJs and academics – including Carl Cox, Annie Mac, Natasha Devon (Government Mental Health Tsar) and a Buddhist Monk (pictured above) – the 45 minute film picks apart the proliferation and consequences of a more social dance floor.

From BBC DJ Danny Howard going cold turkey for a week to assess the affect on his career, to Ben Pearce talking candidly about the depression that led to time away from DJing, Insta DJ is an timely  and insightful study on the current state of our digitally-saturated dance floors.

Watch in full below.

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