Premiere: Tomoko Yasuno – Sur La Terra

Japan has been responsible for some of the most dreamy synth-pop and ambient offerings, particularly during the 1980s, something that Jazzy Couscous co-founder Alixkun has been exploring through his ‘Kumo No Muko’ compilations.

Volume two uncovers 12 Japanese gems from those aforementioned wonder years, floating from the jazz and new age of Yoshio Suzuki and Ayuo Takahashi to the ambient musings of Toru Hatano and moody compositions of Mio Fou. Our pick is Tomoko Yasuno’s “Sur La Terra”, originally produced by YMO’s Hosono it flirts with synth-pop sensibilities but is grounded in blissed-out ambient, lifted by beautiful Japanese spoken word.

Kumo No Muko Vol 2 is out soon. Grab your copy via Phonica.

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