Premiere: N-Gynn – Disco Boulette

N-Gynn has been making a bit of a name for himself of late with some very tasty productions on labels like Bobby’s Pleasure Club Records. Here we introduce you to his newest EP on Jonny Rock’s Hamam House, with our pick being ‘Disco Boulette’. Built from simple syncopated percussion and a kick drum, there’s a very pronounced flavour of Indian early electronic productions with a peppering of Persian or Turkish funk coming from Nick’s extensive record collection in this world of more tripped-out, cosmic side of house and techno. With vocals weaving in and out, there’s a real feeling of exoticism and intrigue to this tune, finishing with a synthesised line that leaves you wanting more, loads more. N-Gynn is definitely one to watch over the coming years, with several new releases in the pipeline.

The Marmaris EP will be on 28th June. Get your copy from Oye Records

Video credits
Co-written and produced by : N-GYNN and Remi Mazet
Mixed : Thoma Bulwer
Mastering : Matthias Heinstein
Video : Justin Gardner

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