Praise You: a Theo Parrish tribute mix by Øyvind Morken

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Theo Parrish’s impact on dance music is immeasurable, not only because his music has touched so many but because of the intangible spirit that encompasses his work. In the studio and booth he pushes boundaries that would be emulated the world over if it was’t so difficult, but beyond just the sounds, his approach and philosophy makes his contribution that much more universal: embrace imperfections; experiment and push beyond your comfort zone; never repeat yourself; staying detached from the hype machine and focus solely on what stimulates you; and, above all, Take. Your. Time.

Eight year resident at Jaeger, Olso’s closest club to plastic people, Øyvind Morken appreciates the power of Theo’s work and approach as much as anyone. His 1hr45 one-take mix captures Theo in all its raw glory.

Øyvind and Theo both play Kala Festival in Albania (12th-19th June).


Why does Theo’s music mean so much to you?

He is a total original, and there’s few of them around.

What makes a Theo Parrish record so unique?

Maybe that they are experimental at times, but also carry a lot of soul.

When did you first hear his music and what impact did it have on you?

I guess around the year 2000. It totally blew my mind, and it felt so different from other house records at the time.

What’s your most sacred Theo record and why?

I don’t really have favourites in records or music in general. My taste moves from hour to hour, day to day, week to week. So I appreciate them all.

What’s been your standout moment dropping a Theo record in the club?

That’s actually an easy one. I played this club up in Trondheim in Norway called Supa in 2008 or 2009, and I dropped ‘Dusty Cabinet’ to an effect I have never seen with that record before. Total riot.

How has Theo’s music impacted you as a producer?

Mistakes can be good, and that I should not be afraid to go out of my comfort zone. He was also my number one inspiration when I decided to start self releasing some records I made.

How did you approach this mix? What did you want it to say about Theo and his music?

The mix was recorded on a Friday evening in the basement of Jaeger, a club where I have held down a weekly residency for the last seven and a half years. It is a sweatbox with a massive sound system, much like Plastic People where Theo had his legendary residency. Recorded live in one take with out any planning to get that club feeling. There’s pops, clicks and dusty records all the way through, all part of the experience with Theo’s music if you ask me.

What would you say is Theo’s biggest legacy on dance music?

In a world which is dominated by many “artists” who came up through being ghost produced and/or using the power of social media, I think when you look back to all of this in a 100 years, Theo’s music will still stand up. Many others will not. Simple as that.

Øyvind and Theo both play Kala Festival in Albania (12th-19th June).

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