Premiere: Fernando Falcao – Curimao (Sons Onomatopaicos E folk da Guine)

As a party and DJ duo, Selvagem are one of São Paulo’s eminent names for a new generation of Brazil dance music. Augusto Olivani has also gone on to set up Selva Discos, which reissues obscure yet iconic music of his home country, often repackaging with remixes from friends (see Wolf Müller tackle Barbatuques and Selvagem’s own spin on Maria Stumpf, a favourite from John Gomez’s Outro Tempo Vol.1 ).

Next up is his most comprehensive project yet, two long lost albums from Fernando Marinho Falcão, a poet and musician who grew up in 1960s São Paulo. After fearing persecution for dissent against the military dictatorship, he moved to France, living in exile for 15 years as a multi-discipline artist, where he recorded Barracas Barrocas and Memória das Águas, from which our premiere is lifted. If you’re on the hunt for a curveball to sprinkle into a 140+ bpm set, this could be your jam.

Memória das Águas and Barracas Barrocas will be released simultaneously on 9th August. Keep an eye on their Bandcamp for pre-orders.

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