RAMZi, Jamie Tiller, Damiano Von Erckert & Lauren Hansom set for Cosmic Roots Festival 2019

Every year, a couple new festivals come along that get people all abuzz. In 2018, European accolades went to Kala and in the UK, the honour fell to a small gathering in Norfolk called Cosmic Roots.

All the action takes place inside an 18th century walled garden, on the grounds of Raynham Hall, an estate that once cultivated pineapples. The idea for the festival sprung from an online forum called Rad Cosmic Finds, which provided a platform for sharing and discussing music, articles and thoughts. The organisers translated the same tight-knit community into an event format, spread across four stages: a den, balloon vaulted tent, Wormhole-inspired amphitheatre and lawn stage for live day sets and audiovisual installations by night.

Moving their follow-up to 18th-21st July this year, their lineup includes Alex T, Daisy Moon, Damiano von Erckert, DJ D.DEE, Harri Pepper, Izabel, Katiusha, Kiara Scuro, RAMZi, Robert Bergman and a whole heap of past Diggers Directory guests – Jamie Tiller, Lauren Hansom, Flo Dill, Zakia and 12th Isle.

RSVP and buy tickets on Facebook – weekenders start at a meagre £85.

Watch our film with Damiano von Erckert when he visited London in 2016.


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