Monday Morning Mixtape Competition in partnership with We Out Here Festival

Since 2014, we’ve been doing our best to ease your journey back to work with our weekly Monday Morning Mixtape. Starting off as a staff series, it’s morphed into a platform to introduce lesser-known and underrated selectors with a keen ear for Monday moods.  Continuing that tradition we’re launching our first ever MMM competition, in partnership with Gilles Peterson’s We Out Here Festival, whose inaugural event takes place in Cambridgeshire, from 15th-18th August.


Two winning prizes are awarded to the curators of our two favourite mixtapes. Each winning prize includes:

1x set at We Out Here Festival
Your winning mixtape published on STW before the festival
Travel to the festival (UK only)
1x artist pass
Food and drink tokens for the weekend
2x We Out Here tickets for guests

And one runner-up prize:

Your mixtape published on the site after the festival
2x We Out Here tickets

The Brief

You should know the drill with the series by now but just in case you’re thinking of reaching for a gabba 12″ that collapsed the roof at Bang Face, here’s what the Stamp The Wax team will be judging you on:

Accuracy: Fit the Monday morning mood – eclectic in sound and country of origin, laid-back but rejuvinating.
Originality: Selection of tracks or how you’ve arranged them together
Creativity: the journey you create across the whole hour. Just because all your tracks exceed £100 a pop on Discogs, doesn’t mean they all sound good together.
Reception: it’s not just us who needs to enjoy your mixtape, so we’ll be keeping an eye on how well it’s been received by your listeners. Once you’ve uploaded, get it shared around and encourage people to like and comment if they’ve enjoyed it.

This competition is open to music fans of all DJing abilities and backgrounds. Entrants will be judged on the mixtape curation and its reception. Nice beat-matching is encouraged if you think certain transitions adds to the overall flow of the mix, but you won’t lose points if it’s a blend-free mixtape. And please don’t spend any money on boosting your posts, we’ll be able to spot people working the stats.

How To Enter

1. Record a Monday Morning Mixtape 60 minutes in length (no more than 5 minutes either side) and upload to Mixcloud.
2. Name your mixtape: We Out Here Monday Morning Mixtape: [Enter Your Name] 3. Tag your mix with #WOHMMM. This is how we’ll be collecting all the entries, so if you fail to tag the mix correctly, yours might be missed.
4. Add the full tracklisting in the typical Mixcloud format: [Artist – Track Title] 5. Add the below artwork (right click + save)
6. Share your entry on Facebook and Instagram, tagging @stampthewax and @weouthere with the hashtag #WOHMMM. Encourage people to listen, like and comment.

Deadline for submissions: 12PM on 13th May 2019
Winners announced: 23rd May 2019


If we’ve missed anything message us on Instagram with your questions and we’ll update relevant answers here.

What’s the age limit?

Entrants can be under 18 but you will need to come to the festival with an adult. There’s no upper limit either. Editor Rosie’s Step Dad curated MMM 245 and has already bagged his We Out Here ticket. Age is but a number.

Can I enter from outside the UK?

Yes, but travel expenses are only covered for inside the UK so you’ll have to sort any international travel yourself.

What if I’ve already done a Monday Morning Mixtape before?

No issue. Each one be judged purely on the merit of the mixtape.

Can I use a mix that’s already been published?

Yes, but it would need to be used exclusively for this competition so you’d need to take the published mix offline and re-up to fit with the competition guidelines. There’s also a risk that a recycled mix won’t nail the brief as well as a specially made one, but if you back yourself then go for it.

Will lack of reception damage my chances? What if I don’t have any followers, or all my friends on social media aren’t into the same music as me, and aren’t wild about the mix?  

Don’t worry, we’re not ranking mixes by the number of plays and we want every entry to have a fair chance regardless of the following. A few of our favourite MMMs over the years are from people who have never recorded a mix before, so there’s every chance we’ll be flawed by a entry with zero followers and nothing else to their name. We would like to see each one being posted though, if nothing more than to give us a heads up and to show you’re proud of what you’ve made.

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