Premiere: D.K. – Earth People

Parisian imprint Antinote and producer of the same origin, D.K. have had a long-standing and fruitful relationship. First assembling back in 2014, some of D.K.’s most notable albums and EPs have come to be via his hometown label. Adept in his highly unique musical output which is far from his French roots, his sound often encapsulates the unexplained mysticism of the rainforests, deserts and beyond. His forthcoming ‘Mystic Warrior’ EP is no exception to this. Landing completely on its feet, D.K. expresses obscure interests through this brand new body of club geared work.

Closing out the EP, ‘Earth People’ whisks us away on a leisurely stroll of discovery, a tom-driven rhythm and enchanting flurries of flute carrying us to an opening in the trees. Not before long, a ceremonious and somewhat spiritual affair ensues guided by harmonious synth chords and chimes; all underpinned by the sensual resonance of rain. Ambidextrous in it’s uses, ‘Earth People’ is the dreamy instrument you’ve been looking for; perfect for easing dancers into the evening and welcoming them into early sunlight hours of the morning.

Mystic Warrior will be released on 15th March. Pre-order on Antinote’s Bandcamp.

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