Premiere: Textasy – Mystique

Well known for his affiliation with aggressive breakbeat rhythms and mischievous curveball lyrical samples, Textasy is not one that often hides in the shadows. Parcelled up and delivered by Exotic Robotics, his newest EP provides a fresh perspective on the maverick’s work; meeting in the cross-section of world jazz and rave utopia.

Firmly placed on his own other-worldly plateau, it would seem the A2 ‘Mystique’ is a direct reflection of his exuberant nature. Bursting into action with a terror-filled breaksy soundtrack, it’s not long before the induction of a blissful sax melody. Dubbed out acidic arrangements lead us through the thick of it before levelling out into a psychedelic breakdown; serenaded by sitars. An example of pacey club music at it’s finest, Textasy demonstrates his astute command over his sound; wantonly restrained and beautifully crafted.

Grab your copy.

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