Monday Morning Mixtape 229

Bump through 1985 lovers rock, 1982 Belgian funk and a new jack swing take on psychedelic soul.

Welcome back to a new Monday Morning Mixtape to start your week off the right way. This week is curated by Tas Boogie aka Alex Intas, an Australian born, London based DJ, who works behind the scenes for Gilles Peterson, Brownswood Recordings and Red Bull Music Academy.

In his own words: “This is a little mix of some recent digs around North London plus a few old faves. I’m a sucker for music with a funky bottom and a sweet top. From boogie two-Steppers to UK street soul, sappy and schmaltzy music to ease you in to your week. Hope you enjoy. Remember It’s only cheesy if you’re a stiff.”


1. Wynd Chymes – Love Has Come Again (RCA, 1982)
2. Prediction – Wonderland (Adelphi Records, 1985)
3. Steve Myers – Love’s Gonna Last (Pressure Recording, 1986)
4. Cortez – Im Really In Love With You (TezRu Records, 1990)
5. Ash – Juicy Fruit (Pure Impact Productions, 1991)
6. Tease – Firestarter (Epic ,1986)
7. Juicy – After Loving You (Epic, 1987)
8. Shokk – Stay (Raja, 1987)
9. Osmond Collins – They’re Lying (MCM Records, 1985)
10. Alfie Silas – You Put The L In Love (RCA, 1983)
11. Lynch – Magic Spell (Capitol, 1989)
12. G-Wiz – Dirty Luv (Pop Version) (Interscope, 1994)
13. Bachelor – Go For It (H.S.R. Records, 1983)
14. Royal People – You Are My Light (The World Of Gospel, 1988)
15. Charms – Giving It Up (Biram, 1982)
16. Intrigue – Call Of The Heart (Music Power Record, 1984)
17. Tevin Cambell – Strawberry Letter 23 (Qwest Records, 1991)

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