Mixcloud launches Select, a fan-to-creator subscription service

Select allows listeners to subscribe to individual channels and enjoy an enhanced listening experience. 

Mixcloud have added a fan-to-creator subscription layer their audio streaming service, enabling listeners to directly support the creators they love and the music they feature. Mixcloud sees Select as a fair and sustainable ecosystem for all participants in the listening process, while also offering users extra perks like offline listening on all shows and upfront playlists.

Lefto, Red Light Radio and Mr Scruff are among the 40+ creators from across the Mixcloud community have helped launch select and we’re delighted to be among them. Mixcloud has been a big part of our journey over the last few years and their continued support has helped us no end. Our 500+ mixes are hosted exclusively on Mixcloud, which will all be available for downloading and offline listening if you subscribe.

Subscribe to Stamp The Wax on Select and explore the other Select creators.

Listen to our latest Monday Morning Mixtape below, which will now feature full, upfront tracklists inside the player for all Select subscribers.

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