Premiere: Ben Hauke feat. Jerome Thomas – Simple

It’s been a busy 12 months for South London producer Ben Hauke. Marking the third release of 2018, Movin’ Broke EP via CoOp club’s Cooperation Records, delivers a further demonstration of the illusory box defining Hauke’s sound. A knack for molding influences and externalising them in his own distinctly raw and London style, is a growing trademark that has seen him work not only with many of Londons burgeoning jazz scene but with labels from the house rooted Church, to soul resonant Wah Wah 45 and Brazilian ambassadors Far Out Recordings.

‘Simple’ featuring Jerome Thomas is a Bruk groove in full force, with round low-end bass and skipping hi-hats supporting soulfully smooth vocal tones from Thomas, finished with Hauke’s signature grit. Taking the advice of Thomas, there’s no overthinking this one, just let the groove do its thing. Don’t sleep on this one.

Movin’ Broke EP is released 26th November. Preorder the vinyl and pick up the last available limited edition boxsets on Bandcamp.

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