Premiere: Mchy I Porosty – Diament

When Polish imprint Transatlantyk announced they’d be taking a hiatus last year, we hoped it wouldn’t be too long before they made a triumphant return. This time label head Zambon steers the imprint in a new direction that may surprise devoted fans.  

The producer navigating this new direction is Mchy I Porosty, who’s debut release last year for Warsaw imprint Brutaż, peaked our interests. The majority of the EP explores melancholy disjointed house, via old Russian synthesizers and sighing dogs, however our premiere, ‘Diament’, showcases a more familiar sound for the label. In equal parts melodic and dissonant, it rounds off the release beautifully and drives home Transatlantyk’s message; “it’s time to go to the basement, it’s time to stop staring at the sky.”

Sigh is out on 12th November via Transatlantyk.

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