Premiere: Footshooter feat. AndIsPhi – Mars

Even from his early work, it was clear London based producer Footshooter had an inclination for exploring production with a framework that crosses the ever limitless, boundary lines we create between musical genres. Now releasing his third EP with the good peoples at YAM Records, there are no signs of this approach changing, only refining further.

In Technicolour Nights EP, Footshooter routes cosmic synth lines, broken and dubby trip-hop drum patterns as well as searching chord progressions through his studio wires mapping a kaleidoscopic mix of moods and sounds. “Mars” seduces in its opening bars with an air of Cinematic Orchestra using head nodding combination of double bass, Rhodes piano, claps and hi hat alongside the dulcet spoken tones of vocalist And Is Phi. Yet a brief stun of the senses with the injection of a jungle-style beat makes for an even more intent listening experience that continues to meditate and move.

Technicolour Nights is out 6th November via YAM Recordings – buy from Bandcamp. Catch Footshooter’s live set at the launch party at Ghost Notes on the 8th November.

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