Premiere: Daulat, Kaleekarma & Agent – Now And Then

This divine collaboration transcends multiple tempos and moods; blending ambient sounds, jazz beats, soft samples, dreamy keys and live trumpet, into a beautifully ambient and sonic journey.

It’s created by Mumbai producers Kaleekarma (Harshita Kalee), Daulat (Daulat Palyekar), and Agent (Smita Singh) from Goa, who spent a week together drawing on their instrumentation and banks of sounds to bring a story envisioned by Kaleekarma, to life. “We recorded a couple of  instruments live, like keys, trumpet, harmonium, melodica, ukelele which we used in the track”, they tell us. “The rest of the sounds were taken from all different kind of banks and sources. The arrangement of elements and designing of patterns was done solely on the basis of how it felt to the ear.” Indeed this track, which would be well received by fans of Gold Panda and Bibio, is full of feeling, ebbs and flows, quite like a train ride might feel through the ever dynamic Indian landscape.

Forthcoming on Arcane Circle. Read and listen to a Mumbai City Guide created by Kaleekarma last year.

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