Monday Morning Mixtape 217

Photo: fooooor11

Cruise from 1982 healing Japanese new age via contemporary piano preludes and sample-laden hip hop instrumentals.

This mixtape was curated by Theo Gentilli, founder and director of Warm Street, a cultural consultancy for brands based in London. In his own words, “I love TV shows and movies where the soundtracks are renowned for their eclecticism, taking inspiration from Fargo, Kill Bill and Narcos. I’ve also padded the mixtape out with soft experimental tracks and hip-hop instrumentals that are sample heavy and eclectic in their own sampling material.”


Hiroshi Yoshimura – Dance
Efdemin – Acid bells (Martyn’s Bittresweet Mix)
Additional Keys by John Dixon – Synth
Guassian Curve – Talk To The Church
Nujabes – Spiral
Eluvium – Prelude For Time Feelers
9th Wonder – LetMeRideSoul!!!
Suzanne Kraft – Flatiron
Burl Ives – One Hour Ahead Of The Possee
Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Angel Canales – Dos Gardenias
Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew
Marijata – I Walk Alone
Abdoulaye Diabate – Chan-Chan
Yamasuki – Yama Yama
Malcolm McLaren – About her

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