Monday Morning Mixtape 214

Submerge into the tones of Bulgarian ambient, Venetian bass and Melbourne grown beats.

This mixtape is curated by Ina Tatarko, who amongst many projects works as an artist manager, with End Of The Road Festival and has been putting on shows and events in London over the past four years.

In her own words “the mix is loosely water themed. It is a textural soundworld with sounds from rainforests to waterfalls and oceans, as well as a rainy night in Shibuya. It’s a mix that you can almost “dive into” or “shower in”, a mood bath.”

KYO -Snap
Aquarium -Floating
Haroumi Hosono -Going To The Sea
Wobbly – Unfriend
Yakamoto Kotzuga – Inner God
ate – Wave III
Vary – Love Means Taking Action
The Caretaker – Hidden Sea Buried Deep
Aquarium – Planet Aquarium
Ackamoor Molina Duo – Flaming Serpent Live Improvisation at LCM
Kell//UA – Aqua Static
Curved Light – Undercurrent/ Overlook
The Caretaker – Drifting time misplaced
Khotin – Water Soaked In Forever
Thhomas – Eden
KYO – All The Same Dream
2814 – 恢复
B2 Aquarium – Rainy Night in Shibuya (外神田deepspace slow down mix)

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