Stamp Mix #100: Tama Sumo & Lakuti

Having had the immense privilege to collaborate with Tama Sumo and Lakuti through label releases, parties, premieres and our Larry Heard film it didn’t take a second thought to invite them to mix the 100th Stamp Mix. Two of the nicest, warmest, most humble souls we’ve encountered in music, they represent all the positive values we’ve tried to channel into our curation of the site since 2011.

A b2b partnership in life as well as in the booth, their sets together have an unparalleled synthesis. Naturally they’ve translated this into this 160 minute mix – our longest Stamp Mix to date – which encapsulates what a club session together might sound like. It feels like 100 should’ve taken quicker than seven years, but when the guests and their mix is this perfect, we’re happy to wait the same time again for the next century.

Tama Sumo & Lakuti play Kala Festival in Albania (20th-27th June).

Tama Sumo and Lakuti, thanks for helping us celebrate our 100th Stamp Mix. How has the first half of 2018 been going for you both?

2018 has been somewhat of a whirlwind. We have been blessed with playing great gigs together and as individuals. Was great to do our annual trip to South Africa and played once again in Johannesburg (the most inspiring city for us ) as well as Cape Town. We did a great joint USA tour and humbled to have been given a chance again to programme a few dates at Panorama Bar and had a great opener on the 30th of March with Dj Spinna , Joey Anderson, both of us rounding off the dj sets and a special performance by Kalypso Bang .

Lakuti’s happy to have more regular releases again on Uzuri and was happy with the two releases we have released thus far. Happy to have debuted the solo project by Alexei Versino, one half of Stump Valley. I was especially pleased that we could get the legend that is Joe Clausell to do a remix for that record and humbled that the record was well received. Happy to have released a second EP by another young talent Girgio Luceri. One of the tracks features on this very mix .

Where and how did you record the mix?

The mix was recorded in our home studio with 2 x Pioneer Cdj-2000 Nexus, 2 x Technics turntables and an E&S DJR 400 mixer.

Could you tell us about the idea behind it?

We wanted to truly represent what you are likely to hear in a set that we would typically play in a club.

Did you approach the mix differently to how you might do solo sets or mixes?

We recently did mixes that were just on the soulful end of things, like our our recent solo Solid Steel mixes. This time around we wanted to showcase the wider spectrum of what we would do in a club.

Any standout tracks you’d like to give special mention to?

We really enjoying reviving the opener by Rich Medina & Kemeticjust – ‘Minstrel Speak (Sweet Abraham’s Depth Charge)’ and loving the latest from GU featuring Swaylo. Also, the forthcoming Ghosts in the Sky out soon on Chicago label God Particle. All the cuts we have included on the mix are cherished otherwise they will not be included.

What projects are you proud to be working on at the moment?

We are currently working on a new joint venture which we are sadly not ready to talk about just yet .

And finally, what’s on the horizon for the rest of the year that’s getting you excited?

We’re looking forward to a busy rest of the year. Very much looking forward to playing some lovely upcoming club dates as well as looking forward to some interesting festivals too. Looking forward to having a Your Love stage at Farr Festival, plus our forthcoming Panorama Bar programming. The next one is on the 22nd june. Looking forward to bring Your Love back to London in November for an all night together . And we look forward to be releasing a joint EP on Uzuri in the winter. Very excited about that.

Tama Sumo & Lakuti play Kala Festival in Albania (20th-27th June).

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