Horse Meat Disco’s Guide to Tisno and Soundwave Croatia

Veterans of Croatia’s original festival destination, Horse Meat Disco give an insider’s guide to Tisno and look back on many happy visits to Soundwave as they celebrate their tenth and final year this summer.

First off, what’s your favourite musical moment at Soundwave? 

Playing the friends and family closing boat party on the final evening of last year’s festival.

And your favourite non-musical moment?

Arriving on site and feeling the instant good vibes and all the smiley people.

Best DJ/live set you’ve seen at Soundwave?

Josey Rebelle always amazing at the best of times but she’s something special out in Croatia. I also enjoyed feeling the funk with Egyptian Lover before we went on.

Best place to stay in Tisno?

The great thing about Tisno is that all accommodation is pretty standard so it really doesn’t matter where you stay. It’s summer in the Med so why would you want to spend time indoors. We usually get to stay at the Bell House, which is a nice little oasis. However, located right next to the town bell tower, the seemingly endless and random bell chimes (apparently its the whole rosary!) can drive a man to tears…especially on that Sunday!

Best view in Tisno?

Looking across at the Bar Stage from the Grove on the site and seeing everyone dancing under the pretty forrest lights its quite magical!

Best place to watch the sunset?

If you’re not on a boat party then the bridge in the town is the best place to see the sunset.

Favourite restaurant? And what’s your go-to dish?

My diet basically consists of squid in various forms when I’m in Croatia. Thankfully every restaurant caters for my dietary needs but a memorable place is Tic Tac Hrokešina 5 22243 Murter for all kinds of seafood, including sea stones which I had never even heard of before. I also get very excited to have Čevapčići (a kind of meatball) and aviar (an aubergine and red pepper condiment).

Best place for home comforts?

When you’re in one of the most wonderful places in the world why would you need any home comforts?

Where will you find the friendliest, most interesting locals to have a chat with?

The staff and crew on site at The Garden are always a cool bunch. I did an evening course in Serbian-Croatian many years ago so I always have a go. Strangely, locals get very excited when I start speaking their language, however for some reason in Croatia they just give me the Larry David look.

Where do you go to rest your ears, have a bit of alone time with a book or a secret swim?

I have terrible FOMO so don’t stray too far. My ears get enough rest if I sleep! There is a gay beach at the Kosirina campsite not too far from Tisno and of course the waterfalls at Krka national park are amazing. Although, in over 10 years of playing in Croatia I’ve still never made it!

What’s unique about visiting Tisno as opposed to other foreign festivals?

It’s pretty much the only festival I stay at for any extended period of time. Its just so easy and compact. Its also just the cutest little town and the location of the festival is awesome. I’m more than happy to go there several times a year, it’s a perfect place for music and dancing.

Best piece of advice you’d give to first time visitors?

Watch where you step when in the water. I can’t tell you the number of peoples’ feet I’ve had to pee on to help get sea urchin spikes out! Thankfully the sea is like a mirror and crystal clear so you can easily spot them. Or you could get a snazzy pair of jelly shoes. Ten years of going I’ve never needed a pair though. They are basically aquatic Crocs right?!

First thing you miss after leaving?

The capers and shenanigans with friends old and new! Probably not Rakjia though!

Soundwave falls on 26th-30th July. Buy tickets to the main festival and remaining boat parties from their website.

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