Rye Wax host The Run Out, an alternative to Record Store Day that celebrates DIY culture

For any Londoners disillusioned with Record Store Day, Rye Wax are offering something different on 21st April. Now in its second year, The Run Out  is a micro-festival that celebrates DIY culture with a wealth of activities on offer. 

Live Bands and DJs include Tyree Cooper, Beatrice Dillon, Curl (Coby Sey, Micachu and Brother May), Kwake Bass, Medlar, MC Pinty and Bbz London.

The Independent Label Market includes Rhythm Section, YAM, No Bad Days, Local Talk, Banoffee Pies and Strut.

Exclusive dubplates come courtesy of Peckham Cuts Dubplate Shop, featuring Lorenzo Senni, Central Processing Unit, Banoffee Pies, Don’t Be Afraid, West Friends, Night Slugs and Body Hammer.

Films include a Space to Dance: How London’s venues (or lack thereof) shape the DIY music scene, The Vinyl Factory presents: DIY Documentaries and our own new doc Huntleys + Palmers: Inside The Outsider’s Party (above)

Watch last year’s recap for a flavour. The Run Out lands in Copeland Park from midday to 4am. 

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