Monday Morning Mixtape 198

Welcome to another Monday and another mix to wake the weary and refresh the roused.

Today we take a walk through avenues of deep 70s jazz funk, roots reggae, American gospel and psychedelic rock whilst enjoying windows of millennial electronic soul and hip hop.

Today’s mixtape was curated south London producer, arranger and instrumentalist Wu-Lu who we asked to share the sonic influences of his recent impressive N.A.I.S EP:

“The reason for my selection is that all the people on the mix give off a want to experiment with different styles. The name that may follow these people suggests a style of music but its those B side and alias tunes; what I think make an artist.  When I was making the “Not as it seems” EP I was very conscious of people expecting a certain type vibe from me musically, so I wanted to use this opportunity to showcase the other sides of my musical taste to give people a better understanding on whats going to be coming in the near future aside from what you might expect.”

Dreamcast – Summer Love
Darkhouse Family – Disco Duck
Iman Omari – That Girl Flip (Tape Rip)
The Edwin Hawkins Singers – Ooh Child
Vivians – The Shaw (Tape Rip)
Can – One More Saturday (Live)
Speakers Corner Quartet – Simply Put..
Phil Ranelin & Tribe – Vibes From Tribe
Scratch & The Up Upsteppers – Dread Lion
Dadawah – Run Come Rally
Spirit – The Other Song
Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan
Autechre – Nil

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